Easley boasts a full size chlorine free swimming pool with a view of Boulder Mountain, as well as two smaller hot tubs, a patio for picnics, and changing rooms with showers. 



Our 2 soaking tubs are filled from the hot springs.

The temperature is the natural 98 degrees (36.6 C), 
perfect for parents with small children and those with weak constitutions.


The store at Easley
Hot Springs stocks a fun assortment of treats and toys, as well as a few sundry items (and ice) that may be needed on a recreational outing.

From ice-cream bars to suntan lotion to T-shirts, there is something for everyone. 


The pool is within easy walking distance from the Forest Service Easley Campground. The campground is situated along the scenic Harriman Trail, famous for its scenic hiking and biking.

The campground offers several family campsites, most of which have scenic views of the Boulder Mountains to the east.

This is a USFS campground. It is not operated by or affliliated with Easley Hot Springs Pool and Store.